Welcome to RHK Photography

My name is Rebecca Heibein-Kursikowski and I have been capturing my life’s moments for the last thirty years.  My dream is to share my life’s moments with you and hopefully have the opportunity to capture your moments.

As a new photographer to the scene I am offering an introductory rate to my first 10 customers; how does FREE sound?  Well not entirely free, all I ask for is a CD to download all your photos onto and the right to post a few photos of you and your loved ones on my site.

If you are interested drop me a line at: rhkphotography@hotmail.com

I hope to capture you soon!



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your pics look awesome!!!! Congrats on a new exciting endeavor!
    I am assuming your most cutest nephew and nieces are on the list to be one of your first customers??? Let’s see if we can set a date!

  2. I agree – let’s set a date to get these cuties done. We will probably need a Saturday or Sunday morning after the May long weekend.

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