Toronto Zoo w/ Liam & Sydney

The Toronto Zoo; what a fun place to visit.  When my girlfriend Blair said she was looking into a solo trip to the zoo with two of her three children (baby Addison stayed at home with Grandma) I volunteered my services for the fun filled day.  We met at the Hwy 6 Car park in the morning and with Starbucks in tow headed to our destination, the whole way 4 year old Liam asking ‘are we there yet?’ and his 2 year old sister Sydney had a snooze,
saving up her energy for the adventures ahead.

Despite a few minor downpours out day was a wonderful discovery of all the Toronto Zoo has to offer. Here are just a few shots of what we saw and did.


Meet Liam and Sydney, really they do get along as well as this picture depicts.

A year ago my husband Jon and I took Liam on a similar adventure to African Lion’s Safari; it’s good to see he has not lost his wonder in all things animal.

Sydney is such a natural beauty, I love photographing her.

The kids were in awe with all the different kinds of animals
we say, here are just a few.

I loved these Jellyfish, they were do fun to take photos of.

Now, if you look back to your childhood photos of the Toronto Zoo I can pretty much guarantee you have a photo similar to this.  Over the years I’ve noticed that almost
everyone who goes to the zoo has to get their photo taken on the Hippo, Liam and Sydney were no exception.

At the end of the day the kids and I had a talk, mom was getting a little out of hand and perhaps needed to spend the night at the zoo.  The only question was “who would drive us home”?

Thank  you Blair, Liam and Sydney for letting me Capture Your Life’s Moments at the Toronto Zoo.




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