Steph & Mike’s Shower

When my house was broken into earlier in August and my laptop stolen so were all of the wonderful maternity photos I had taken of Steph (yes, I am working on installing an external backup system on my new computer).  So on the day of Steph and
her partner Mike’s baby shower I was determined to get some great memories
captured for them.  Here are just a few of my favourite photo’s from that day.


Steph’s sister Denise took care of the entertainment for the day.  Our warm-up game had everyone in stitches.  I liked the game so much I played it with a group of camp counsellors the next day.

Before Steph opened the gifts, Mike was presented with a gift of his own, a “Baby Diper Changing Survival Kit”, here he is pictured in his make-shift HazMat Suit.

While Steph opened gifts the boys played some games.

Excited Grandmother Joanne.

Some of the great decorations.

Congratulations Steph and Mike, I cannot wait to meet your little princess at the end of this month.




3 thoughts on “Steph & Mike’s Shower

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! You somehow seem to be able to capture more than a picture, you capture a moment….simply amazing!!!!!

  2. Thank u again Becca, some more great photo’s. We can’t wait for u to capture our little princesses first time infront of a camera.

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