McKenna, Colton, Baden & Their Parents

I hardly ever see my cousin Jason and his family (Rebecca, McKenna and Colton), so it was a treat this past weekend to spend some time with them.  Rebecca really wanted to capture the fall colours and the trails surrounding  Langdon Hall ( in Cambridge, Ontario proved to be the perfect setting. 

Baden, the families newest addition joined us for the shoot.  He is a fun, playful dog who had a great time chasing Colton, cuddling with MacKenna and playing “bet you can’t get the stick I am eating” with Rebecca and Jason.

All in all it was a wonderful shoot with a wonderful family. 

Here are just a few shots from the day.


I love this final series of McKenna and Colton.  In between their names calling and silly faces there was a lot of hugs.

Thank you Jason, Rebecca, McKenna, Colton and Baden for allowing me to capture this spectacular fall day.




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