Lewiston New York

For two days this past week Jon and I were able to skip out of work and enjoy some down time in Lewiston, NY.

We stayed at The Barton Hills Hotel & Spa (http://www.bartonhillhotel.com/)located on the Niagara River.  Our King Suite Room was gorgeous and had a comfy seating area and electric fireplace.  The best part, it had a wonderful view of the river.  Other great features of the hotel include continental breakfast, friendly staff and a spa, which we took advantage of.

To eat we headed into Lewiston and were presently surprised.  Some notables include Casa Antica (http://www.casaanticarestaurant.com/) which featured a yummy 2 can dine for $22, they should rename it 6 can dine for $22 as our shared plate of chicken parmesan could feed tonnes.  Another yummy restaurant was The Water Street Landing (http://waterstreetlanding.com/) which was situated directly on the river, here we both enjoyed wonderful meals featuring lobster.

One day we decided to venture into Niagara Falls USA, as avid Niagara Falls Canada tourist we were interested to see the view from the other side.  for years I have thought that the American’s were missing out on something, but their view is very different and just as exciting as ours.  I will post pictures of this later on.  Today, let me share with you pictures of our visits of The Aquarium of Niagara Falls.  A small attraction with some impact.  For just $10 a person we had a great time and I got some great shots.


Thanks to all the wonderful wildlife at the Aquarium of Niagara Falls for letting me capture their moments.




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