Run Jilly Run!

This weekend thousands of individuals will be flooding into Hamilton to participate in Around the Bay (  Among those participants will be one of my good friends, Jill, who will be running the 5K early Sunday morning.

Earlier this year Jilly participated in her first half-marathon in Niagara Falls and I was lucky enough to be there to capture her moment during her amazing race.  Jill’s participation in this half marathon inspired our girlfriends Julia and Olivia to take up running and the three of them have since participated in a 5K and have a 10K slotted at the end of April.

Here are some shots from her half marathon.


Thanks Jilly for letting me capture this amazing moment in your life.  Good luck this weekend!




4 thoughts on “Run Jilly Run!

  1. Awwww I love the one of Livvy and the sign!! hahaha. Great moment’s for sure. So happy we got to be there and watch it all! Go Jilly! Awesome shot of her crossing the finish line.

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  3. LOL! Amazing!!!!! I had a moment of sillness and you captured it well! Great shots of Jilly bean being a trouper marathoner!

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