Just One Month Away!

In just one short month I am going to be a mother;  that is a scary and exciting thought.   It seems like it was just last week, not eight months ago, that Jon and I first found out.   The last eight months have been a whirlwind of activity getting ready for the arrival of our little one.  Last night we went on our hospital tour and that is I think when true reality hit; we are really going to be parents!!!!

One thing I have tried to do, as a photographer, is capture as much of my pregnancy as I can on film.  It isn’t always easy taking self-portraits, especially as I grow bigger and start moving slower, but with the help of a tri-pod and some inspiration from Pintrest, here are a few I would like to share with you.


March – Six Months

April – Seven Months

May – Eight Months.  This photo I cannot take any credit for it, Jon captured this memory this past long weekend at Hamilton Beach.

Thank you for letting me share my moment with you.  Stay tuned for the birth of the baby, everyweek you will find a post on our families newest addition.




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