Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!

One of a kind; that’s how I would explain my Dad.  The T-Shirt above is just one of many he has received over the years that speak of his humble modesty.  “I am so good-looking”, was a typical sentence uttered in our house as my Dad passed a mirror.

A mechanic by trade, a former race car driver and lover of NASCAR.  A cottager and boater, the person who taught me to camp and canoe.  Kind, loving and caring; playful and goofy.  My Dad is many things to many people and today as he celebrates his 60th year I know many who know him are thinking how lucky they are that my father took time out of his 60 years of life to be part of theirs.

This past weekend family and friends gathered at my parents house in Kitchener, Ontario to celebrate his birthday with a special surprise.  Here are a few moments captured on that day.


 Did I mention my Dad’s preciseness, he pulled out the measuring tape to ensure each individual was cut an equal serving of cake.

Entertainment was provided by Jay who also played at mine and Jon’s wedding four years ago.

Thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate this special moment with my Dad.




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