Rock The Frock!!!

A long while ago I shared some teaser photos of my good friend Jill’s Rock the Frock Photoshoot (here), back then I promised more to come, while they are finally here.

This photoshoot was very speical to me.  Jill and I have been friends for close to 10 years!  We met our first year at Laurentian University.  For the past two years, since we turned 30, Jill, myself and our two other girlfriends, Julia and Olivia have started a tradition of going away for a weekend in the spring to celebrate our birthdays and our friendship.

This year, as I was 7 months pregnant for our girls trip and didn’t want to venture too far from home, we headed to Jill’s family cottage in Kinmount, Ontario.  Seven years ago this is where Jill and her husband Dan LaPorte were married, so I thought it would be wonderful to have Jill Rock Her Frock again!

Since being married Jill has had quite a journey; she lived in Saskachewan (we all missed her while she was gone), qute smoking, had a child, lost quite a bit of weight and ran her first half marathon (pictures can be seem here).

I had so much fun doing this photoshoot, it is always great when you have such a rappor with the person you are photographing and have wonderful friends around to assist.  A speical thanks from both myself and Jill to Julia Karantjas of A Healthy Fit.  Julia did Jill’s make-up and hair the day of the photoshoot and has been an intergral part of her weightloss journey, providing meal plans for both Jill and Dan.


Getting ready.

Jill’s dog Duke  followed us around all day.

Jill had a “pin-up” moment with Dan’s boat.

And then she decided to climb a tree.

Some final shots.

Thanks to Jill for letting me capture this moment for her.  Thanks to Julia for the wonderful make-up and hair.  Thanks to Olivia for her support with posing.




2 thoughts on “Rock The Frock!!!

  1. WOW! Becs, you did an amazing job capturing Jilly in all her bridal glory!! These are awesome shots with prefect weather and just the right amount of Kinmount sneaking in! Bestest Weekend getaway!

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