365 Days of Anna – Week Four

I can’t believe that it has been a month since our little bundle of joy came into this world.  What a month it has been.  I feel like Anna has been one of the busiest newborns out there; we are having a blast with her and look forward to all our future adventures including a family vacation to Myrtle Beach the end of August!  Yes, we are going to drive 18 hours with a month and a half year old.

This week has had some ups and downs.  Here are some photos of our beautiful girl this week.


Friday we had our first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Heibein’s and went to Great Uncle Ken’s 65th Birthday Party.  Grandma and Grandpa were excited to have us spend the night and Anna slept quite well in a different environment.

On Saturday we headed to Aurora to pick up Grandma and Grandpa Kursikowski and headed to Great Aunt Wolly’s and Great Uncle Ernst for the Kursikowski Famiy Reunion where Anna met many relatives, including Santa Clause. Merry Christmas in July!

We returned home on Sunday and we were all so tired;  Anna and Jon enjoyed a nap together.

Sunday was Anna’s One Month Birthday; due to being so tired we didn’t capture her with her panda on her actually celebration day, but we had a snuggle the next day.

This weekend Cousin Cody gave Anna his vibrating chair, it is a lifesaver when Anna is fussy.

But then we had one of those fussy days when no one could figure out what was bothering little Anna.  She finally fell asleep mid-afternoon and I enjoyed the few hours of peace.

Our super fussy day was followed by a great day.  Anna was full of energy, ate well, napped great and even played on the floor!  She loves her wrist rattles.

Each week with Anna brings new surprises and challenges.  Jon and I cannot wait to see what next week has in store for us.




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