365 Days of Anna – Week Six

Our little girl is six weeks is old! I cannot believe how quick time has gone and how much she has grown.  Everyday she gets a little stronger, practicing holding her head up and working on scooting herself along the floor; at this rate she will be sitting and moving before we know it.

Here are some photos from our week.


On Sunday Anna went to her first Bridal Shower for her Laurentian Auntie Livvy.  Here she is with the bride-to-be.

At the shower Anna received a special gift; a personalized Sock Monkey from her Laurentian Aunties.  The monkey was made by Auntie Jilly’s friend check out Sock Monkey’s by Emma. Here is our monkey with her monkey.

This picture was a special request from Jon; Anna and I decided to put it together in time for his birthday on the 19th.

Tomorrow we are heading out on Anna’s first vacation.  We are driving to Myrtle Beach; excited to see how a seven week old does on an 18 hour road trip!  Here she is helping me pack.

Next week Anna will explore THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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