Marg and Terry’s Family

On Saturday, September 15th, 2012 I met Marg and Terry and their children and grandchildren at Green Acres Park in Waterloo, Ontario.  I have known this family for 24 years, their youngest daughter Blair and I have been best friends since then.  It was an honour to be able to capture Marg and Terry’s annual family photo. It was challenging at times trying to get all of their grandchildren to stop and look at the camera but in the end we were able to capture some great moments.

Here are a few  of my favourite.


Meet Marg and Terry

The Grandchildren:

Amelia                                                                     Blake


Sydney                                                                     Addison



With GG

Marg and Terry with their children

Jason and his girls

Colin, Jen and their kids

Blair, Ryan and their gang

And I want to leave you with my favourite photo of the day, right before I took it Liam and Amelia exclaimed that they are “the best of cousins”, love it.

Thank you Marg and Terry for allowing me to capture your family.




One thought on “Marg and Terry’s Family

  1. Love the frown on Colin’s little guy – the Loganator on the second last posting. I also am digging the last photo of Amelia and Liam – they are a good pair of cousin friendship! Solid shots of Nana and Papa by the water too.

    Thanks for working the photo magic!!

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