365 Days of Anna – Week Twelve – End of September

Our life continues to be really busy!  After selling our house in Hamilton in ONE DAY!!!! We are starting our search for a new home in Kitchener-Waterloo.  With the house search in full we spend a lot of time traveling between the two cities and my camera doesn’t always get packed.  Quite a few of the following photos were taken on my Blackberry, can you figure out which ones?

Here is our little one as she lives through her twelfth week of life and rounds out her third month.


Anna has started teething, therefore everything is going in her mouth, including Daddy’s fingers.

Getting a quite moment with Daddy who has been quite busy with homecoming at work.

While packing up the house to sell Anna decided to have a cuddle with her stuffed animals.

The rest of the week was pretty chill, lots of sleeping and lounging.

Watching Laurier University’s Homecoming game at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Cross your fingers that we find a new home soon and we can get back to our regular lives.




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