365 Days of Anna – Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen

I apologize for the lateness of this post, to any avid Anna 365 followers, it has been crazy hectic with weddings and moving and all the changes Anna is going through.

It’s hard to believe that in just 12 days we will be moving to Kitchener and saying goodbye to our first home in Hamilton.

It is also hard to believe that after what seemed like years of planning my good friend Olivia finally married the man of her dreams.  I spent a good part of last week putting their gift together.  Using ideas from Pintrest we compiled a year of dates for them, one date per month.

Anna has also kept us quite busy.  She has continued to practice rolling from back to front and now wakes us several times at night because she has rolled and can’t get comfy.  On the sleeping front we have also slowly been working on sleep training her.  I know the jury is still out on this technique, but it seems to be working for our Chipmunk, she loves her afternoon naps and now sleeps through the night, minus her roll over wake ups.  Anna also tried Rice Cereal for the first time this past Sunday, she’s still in the spitting everything out phase, but it’s starting to grow on her.  Despite how busy we have been I was able to set up two studio photo shoots with her these past weeks.  One is the Sock Monkey shoot below and another is a special Christmas shoot which you will have to wait for.

Without further adue, here are weeks eighteen and nineteen of Anna’s life.


That’s all for now.



Capturing Life’s Moments


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