365 Days of Anna – Week 35

Ummm, so remember in my last post I said I was going to commit to being better at posting pictures in a more timely manner?  Yeah, about that 😉  I apologize for not living up to my promises, being a new Mom, renovating a new house and devising a plan for a home daycare business is taking up more of my time then expected.  So from now on I promise to simply do my best.

Here is the 35th week of Anna’s life (well most of it).


Anna’s new game, peek-a-boo! Collage - February 25th, 2013 - Watermarked

All ready for the Laurier Football games come the fall thanks to this great gift from Daddy’s co-workers.27 - Anna - Daily - February 26th, 2013 - Watermarked

Staring contemplatively into the backyard.28 - Anna - Daily - February 27th, 2013 - Watermarked

Happy 8 months Chipmunk! 1 - Anna - Eight Months - February 28th, 2013 - Watermarked

Can’t wait to share some wonderful March pictures with you, it is shaping up to be quite a month for Anna (developmentally speaking).



Capturing Life’s Moments


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