She’s Been Out As Long As She Was In!

Wow how the time has flown!

Out little Chipmunk turned nine months this past week and she is definitley showing her age!  Crawling, getting into everything, pulling herself up on furniture, thinking she can stand without holding onto anything and trying to creep along furniture.  She is making Mommy and Daddy quite tired and with the addition of not sleeping a few nights and deciding that she no longer needs naps we are ready to throw the baby out the window (NOTE We would NEVER actually do that).

Ahhh, just a few more days until baby freedom.  Jon and I will be heading to Collingwood next week for a well deserved break and  Anna will be staying at her Grandma’s.  I cannot wait to sleep, get a massage and have a gourmet dinner sans child.  I know I am going to miss her like crazy and will be so excited to come home, but how does that saying go; “absence makes the heart grown fonder”; I think I am in need of a little absence.

1 - Anna - Nine Months - March 29th, 2013 - Watermarked

Hopefully Anna will nap a few more times this week and I will be able to post the much anticipated Easter Photos as well as crafts I promised.



Capturing Life’s Moments


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