I am Back!

Hello again to all my devoted readers (I know there are a few of you out there). It’s been a looooooong time since I posted here, and just about as long as I picked up my camera and used it as a photographer and not just a mama taking photos of her little one.

With opening a home daycare, taking care of a one year old and just life in general photography had to take a backseat and I have been missing it.

Recently I booked my first shoot in over a year (woohoo). So that has kind of been a kick in my butt to get me using my camera in a more professional way. To help me focus on taking photos and editing I have decided to take on the challenge of shooting one photo a day for 25 days. This specific challenge is Holiday focused and was found through my time wasting on Pinterest, details can been seem here.

The first day is lights, I tried to take a picture of our front lights, however, it just wasn’t working the way I thought, but I took this photo a few weeks ago when we first put up our lights; I think it’s perfect.
1 - 25 Days of Christmas - Light - Watermarked
Capturing Life’s Moments


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