Day3,4,5 & 6

Day 3 – Gifts
It is only December 3rd! We do not have our tree up, much less gifts under it, however, I did discover one of the greatest gifts this year is watching Anna explore all the sights and sounds of Christmas(insert cheese here). These snow people are the dancing/signing kind from Hallmark and she loves them.

3 - 25 Days of Christmas - Gifts - Watermarked

Day 4 – Tradition

This a a new version of an old tradition; advent calendars.  Every year my Mom gets Jon and I the chocolate advent calendars, but with a daycare running in our home I thought it would be fun to create a non-edible version of an advent calendar.  After scouring Pinterest for hours I compiled a list of ideas, put my Photoshop skills to use and created this new tradition of a homemade activity based advent calendar.  I figured as Anna gets older we could fill the weekends (which right now simply say Saturday and Sunday) with fun activities for the family to do.

5 - 25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge - December 6th, 2013

Day 5 – Stockings (switched with Day 6)

Today I put them up, so I figured I would photograph them.  These stockings were made for us by Jon’s Mom and I love them.  The far one you can barley see is Callie’s and it actually is a hand-me-down from Jon’s family dog Butterscotch.

4 - 25 Days of Christmas - Stockings - Watermarked

Day 6 – Santa

The daycare children has a great time making these Santa faces today.  Here is Anna as Mr. Kringle.

6 - 25 Days of Christmas - Santa - Watermarked

While that is all for now.  I am off to take pictures of the SNOW currently falling and tomorrow it’s off to the TREE farm.



Capturing Life’s Moments


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