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Hello Wonderful Readers!

Let me start by apologizing for neglecting RHK Photography for so long, I’ve had A LOT going on.  Before I share my new BIG blog project with you let’s get a few other things out of the way.

Remember the photo a day project I did when Anna was born? If you don’t you can check out the first post here.  Remember when I declared that a photo a day was A LOT of work? Actually, I am not sure I did declare that to all of you, but it is a lot of work and if you miss a day (or three) you feel terrible.  Anna’s photo project may have been my first and last photo a day project, but never fear I have started a new project for 2014.  This one is a little more personal and I won’t be sharing as I go, instead I’ll do like I am about to and share two posts over the course of the whole year.  Now don’t be sad, these posts will be great and will be full of photos of my family.  That’s right, this years photo project is a family photo once a month.  It’s been challenging to take a photo I am also in, but also really exciting to have a photo commemorating each month.  Here is what we have so far:6 Month Collage

The best part is I have actually been printing them out every month (who does that) and they are all hanging on our message board in our dinning room.  It’s fun to capture the important things from the year like Anna’s first time ice skating, our trip to Cuba, visiting the sugar bush, Easter, lounging on the couch and visiting a near by farm.

When was the last time you took a photo of your whole family???  Without a tripod and a good camera with a decent self timer it can be quite challenging. While have I go the deal for you; during June, July or August book a portrait session and it is only $50 (that’s a savings of $100).  You chose between Waterloo Park or Victoria Park, bring along 6 of your closest family members and I give you an hour of my time and a cd full of edited photos.  What more could you ask for???Untitled

Book now before all the spots fill up!  Payment is due at time of booking.

So, in other BIG news, I have started a new blog!  Leek & Potato Soup 2

You all know I LOVE taking photos, but how many of you knew I LOVE to cook??? Ok, probably more of you then I think, but I do love to cook and create in the kitchen.  Cajun Chicken with Spicy Sweet Potatoes, Bacon and Green Beans - Picture

One of my life bucket list items is to write a cook book.  No big deal, everyone can do that, right??? Instead of wishfully thinking that a publisher will show up at my front door and offer me a deal I decided to just go ahead and start a cooking blog, they are the new books anyway, right??? Cilantro Lime Dressing - Salad Pic

This new blog has been alive and well for a month now.  I have gotten tremendous response from the food blogging community and I am excited to share it with you my RHK fans.  Head on over to Food Love and let me know what you think.  My goal is to share the wonderful things I create in my kitchen as well as how Jon and I are working to build a love of good food in Anna and get her (and my daycare kids) in the kitchen to help me create real food.

Kids In The Kitchen - Baking Bread - Cover Shot

Looking forward to your responses.




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