Baby Parker

1 - Custom - WatermarkedBaby Parker is the newest addition to my extended family.  He is the first human child of my cousin Jaimi, her Fur Baby is still working on welcoming this one into his home.4b - WatermarkedAs anyone who has been hanging around this blog knows I love to take photos of people “in the moment”.  I am not all about beautiful backdrops, lighting or tilting your head at the right angle, I just want to capture the natural essence of you.  23 - B&W - WatermarkedThis can be a challenge when photographing tiny babies.  For one thing I use natural light to highlight my subjects and taking a newborn outside isn’t always possible, especially on a chilly November day.7 - B&W - WatermarkedAlso, babies don’t really do much so it’s not like I can chase them around with my camera and catch them in the moment like I do with children and adults. 25 - B&W - WatermarkedBut there is something to be said about going into someone’s home, photographing them with their things and creating memories of the first few days of their little one’s life in their own home because let’s face it that is where they are spending most of their time anyway.12 - B&W - WatermarkedWhile I grew up loving the works of Anne Geddes I am not in love with over stylized newborn shots.  I love capturing memories and creating pictures you would love to hang on your walls.6 - B&W - WatermarkedSo I am working on building a portfolio of newborns that captures the little things in their lives. 13b - B&W - WatermarkedAnd creates memories for their families.18 - WatermarkedI want to thank my cousin Jaimi and her husband Eric for inviting me into their home and capturing their little family.  Welcome to the world Baby Parker, I can’t wait to cuddle with you at Christmas.




Capturing Life’s Moments

**To inquire about booking a newborn session please email me at  NOTE due to the nature of my sessions there is not an “ideal window of time” to have these photos done, it can be withing days, weeks or months of birth, whenever Momma and Baby are ready.


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